No. Signing up is free. Just create your profile, get approved, and start your campaign to get funded with donations.

Donors pay a fee between 1% and 10% depending on the method of payment selected. These fees are subtracted before funds are transferred to donees.

Credit card charges per trasncation are 2.9% + 30 Cents. 

Paying directly from a U.S. bank account costs 1%. 

Trasnferring funds to donees is free for donees based in the United States. Internatioanal donees incur international wire transfer charges.

We strive to keep all fees and trasnfer costs as low as possible. If donees what to save on fees, they can publish their postal addresses in their funding profile story and ask donors to mail checks to them directly.

Both the fees get deducted from the total amount donated by a donor.

Yes. All transactions are safe and securely processed by STRIPE ( or our e-check feature.

Every Monday the processed and collected donated money is dispatched to the donee (weekly basis). 

For student loan crowd funding, it may take anywhere from 3 to 6 business days for the donated money to get transferred into your loan account. The turn around time depends on the loan servicing company that receives  and processes the funds.

For Federal loans, visit: (copy and paste link in browser)

After finding your loan service provider and signing up to create an online account, you can find all your loan account details in there.
Visit: (copy and paste link in browser)

See the sample here: (copy and paste link in browser)

No. Only the latest statements will be accepted. The loan amount owed, your Current Balance, in the statement should match with the amount of donation funding being asked for.

Yes. You can share your crowdfunding campaign link with your friends and family on social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) or any other means. They can further share it with others.

Our website is open for anyone to visit, look for active profiles, and donate. We do promote active profiles regularly on various advertising channels and social media platforms. However we encourage the users to share their campaign links with as many people as they can. This way, the number of visitors on the website stays high and you can get more donations.

A few of the most recently created funding profiles appear alphabetically sorted on the home page. Donors can search for your profile using the search capability on the home page as well.

While we want to be fair and give an equal chance to everybody on our platform to get funded, there is a limited amount of space available. 

To make it extra special on your birthday we try to list you on our home page and mark your profile as special. The search ability has an option to list only birthdays for this reason. It’s our way of trying to trend you all day long on this very special day of yours to celebrate and get funded.

No. Your identifying documents will not be shared with anyone else besides Stumuch administration. 

Donors will get to see your email address when they choose to fund or donate to you.

No. There is no time limit. Your funding profile can stay online until the required funds are received.

Via Stripe, we can accept global payments using credit cards.

The e-check feature is available for US donors only. 


 Although this is possible, your friends and family will be the ones most willing to contribute and share your campaign with others.
Gaining support for your campaign from your own personal network adds to your campaign's credibility. When those who know you are excited to support you, it speaks to the authenticity of your campaign.
Without establishing trust from people you know, it can be difficult for campaigns to gain the traction they need to be successful. For this reason we strongly recommend focusing on building your campaign’s friends and family level support before hoping to gain exposure elsewhere.

While this is by no means a guarantee, donations on Stumuch are simply considered to be "personal gifts" which are not, for the most part, taxed as income in the US. However, there may be particular, case-specific instances where the income is taxable (depending on amounts received and use of the funds, etc.).

We are unable to provide specific tax advice since everyone's situation is different and tax rules can change on a yearly basis. We advise that you maintain adequate records of donations received, and consult with your personal tax adviser. 

Additionally, Stripe or the e-check feature will not report the funds you collect as earned income. It is up to you (and a tax professional) to determine whether your proceeds represent taxable income.  Again, every situation is different, so please consult with a tax professional in your area.

How to tell your story in the Funding  Profile description: 
•    Keep it simple.
•    Break it up. Paragraphs and bullet points work wonders when trying to make something easier to read and understand.
•    Tell it from the heart.  Be honest and direct with your supporters.
•    Post pictures and video. Images help your supporters feel connected to your campaign. Videos are a great way to express matters where words fall short.
•    Let your friends and family know about your future plans with regards to your career and goals and why their donation is so important for your future.
•    Show appreciation. Remember to thank your friends and family for taking the time to read your campaign and support your cause.
•    Encourage questions. Let your donors know that you’re happy to answer any questions they might have. Encourage them to connect with you over social media or a method of contact that you provide.

 Raffles are not allowed.
You're welcome to offer donors a gift or reward in exchange for a donation, but they may not donate for the chance to win something.  
Feel free to review our Terms and Conditions for more information.

You will receive an email informing you about a donation when one is received. The donor's email address will be shared with you in that email.

When you email donors to thank them, do ask them to spread the word over social media as well. 

You own the rights to the content in your campaign. STUMUCH has the ability to share the content for advertising and marketing purposes.

Yes, we do our best to verify that Campaigns are accurate. Furthermore we keep checks and may ask you for supporting documents on a timely basis.

Donors are ultimately responsible for the validity and legitimacy of a Campaign when deciding to fund it.

 No, you can only have one Campaign running at one time for an account. However after your Campaign ends, you can create another one! 


When your Campaign reaches its goal, it will be considered successful and will be deactivated by the administrator. A deactivated campaign is no longer visible to the public.

This is an international service. 

Users in the United States receive their funds via checks in the mail and there are no trasnfer charges for United States users.

International users receive funds via wire transfer. They incur transfer charges depending on which country they are based in.

All funds are collected in U.S. Dollars. We ask for international users to convert their reqeured funding amount to U.S Dollars in their funding profile.

 STRIPE is our payment processor for credit card payments. They help us process credit card payments in a secured manner. For more information visit their website -

 Donations made to a STUMUCH campaign are generally considered to be personal gifts and are not guaranteed to be tax-deductible. You can always check with a tax professional to be sure.

The minimum amount a donor can fund a campaign with is $5 per transaction.

Yes, it is. We are a California registered Corporation. Feel free to contact us for legal, press related, or other inquires.