It's so rare to find a soul so bright that the world shines even more beautifully just by its radiance. Cecelia Anna Dansereau was that soul. She cared about everyone, and helped those who needed it even when she herself was in need. She loved with her whole self, and when she loved you, she loved you with all of her very being. Cecelia was a caring, loving mother, grandmother and friend. There really isn't enough words to describe how much she made the world a better place. She left the world with 9 children and 10 grandchildren who are all lost and hurting without her. Her loss has come very suddenly, and her family needs closure and help finding out why and how of why her beautiful soul couldn't stay with the family she blessed with so much. Anything and everything is appreciated for the family to ease even a little bit of the suffering and loss they are going through. May her soul find the peace that she deserves and her heart rest easy knowing her family is staying together for her. We don't have the total cost but estimate the cost to be around ten thousand.


Cecelia Anna Dansereau Funeral

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